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Give your guests the luxury of freshly-ground, delicious French press brewed coffee in their rooms!

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This Is The Best Coffee In The World in Each of Your Rooms

Calles de Oro Coffee Company is pleased to offer its ultra-luxe hotel room package. Each room will be provided with a four cup French press, an automatic hot water kettle, a beautiful wood presentation box with pre-measured, freshly roasted and ground 100% pure highest quality Calles de Oro artisanal roasted Colombian coffee, an assortment of sweeteners, teabags, half-and-half's, cups, and stirrers.

French press coffee is appealing to many coffee aficionados; in fact, in Colombia, it is considered the only way to drink high quality arabica coffee. French press coffee offers full-bodied flavor, with a rich flavor profile that highlights the coffee’s natural oils & flavors.

It offers customizable brewing; simply adjust the brewing time to achieve a cup of coffee perfectly suited to one’s liking. It is simple and easy to do; anyone can do it. It is environmentally friendly. It is perceived by many as a luxury

This possibly unexpected bit of luxury interjected into your guests' experience will enhance:

This possibly unexpected bit of luxury interjected into your guests' experience will enhance:

1. Customer Satisfaction. One of the most important reasons
     for a hotel to offer luxury French press coffee is to satisfy
     their guests’ preferences and increase their overall
     impression of the hotel. By providing the highest quality
     coffee in the room, the hotel can give guests a positive
     experience that will encourage them to return and
     recommend the hotel to others.

2. Guest Experience: Delicious French press coffee can add to
     the overall guest experience, giving the guests a luxurious
     and relaxing morning ritual. It can also provide a sense of
     comfort and familiarity for guests who are away from home,
     helping them feel more comfortable in the hotel room.

3. Competitive advantage. By providing French Press coffee,
     which is regarded as a premium coffee brewing method, the
     hotel can differentiate itself form its competitors and offer a
     higher level of luxury and service than other hotels in the
     same market.

4. Hotel Revenue: Guests who enjoy their in-room coffee
     experience are more likely to consider additional purchases
     such as in-room dining, spa services, or extended stays.

5. Sustainability: Unlike other single-use coffee pods or other
     brewing methods, French press coffee is eco-friendly, which
     is an important consideration for many guests who prioritize
     environmental sustainability. Additionally, by enrolling in
     Calles de Oro’s donation program, re-cycled French presses
     and kettles will be donated to local charities in the hotel’s

6. Because of the absolute freshness of the coffee, molds like
     Aflatoxin, which normally can exist in ground coffee will
     never be found. The product is completely safe for your

Calles de Oro Coffee Company will provide the initial setup; French press coffee maker, electric kettle, presentation box with coffee, sweeteners and half-and-half, along with cups & stirrers upon execution of a minimum six-month agreement for service. Every three months, a new French press will be provided; and a kettle, should it require replacement as part of the service. Supplies will be shipped with coffee orders, as often as once a week or as seldom as once every other week (to ensure the coffee is always at its peak of freshness and flavor).


• We hand pick every bean
• Only the best beans are chosen
• Grown at high altitudes in the shade
    of large trees
• Final secret touch added
    by artisanal roasting

The world's best coffee does not begin with the roasting of the bean. It begins by choosing what type of coffee you will grow and where you will plant the tree.The next step is ensuring every step on the beans journey is carefully considered and planned.

Every step has been perfectly crafted. From planting the tree on a mountain in the shade to drying in the Colombian sun.Next, our farmers painstakingly remove any low-quality beans by hand before they put them into vacuum sealed bags for shipping to our roastery, where they are roasted by expert roasters with more than 20 years’ experience.


That is why we grow strictly Arabica. The coffee must be grown and dried in the best location: tropical, mid-elevation mountainside, plenty of water and drainage, high humidity, relatively cool temperatures, and rich, slightly acidic soil.

We then dry the beans in the beautiful warm Colombian sun. The drying operation is the most important stage of the process, since it affects the final quality of the green beans. A coffee that is over-dried will become brittle and produce too many broken beans during hulling.


We know that one bad bean can ruin the entire batch. This is why our farmers painstakingly remove any bean that does not meet our strict quality standards, and only select the perfect beans. We then vacuum seal the bags with gas release valves to ensure that they arrive fresh, ready to be roasted. Masterfully roasted and ground and packaged for your guests’ use. Our master roasters are artists who have practiced their craft for many years. We only roast beans when we receive your order. 

This ensures the highest quality and freshness. Orders will be shipped to you within 24 hours of roasting. Absolute product freshness is assured by our strict adherence to our timelines.

We believe in WIN/WIN/WIN. Our farmers win because we ensure they are paid a fair price, YOUR GUESTS WIN because they get the best coffee in the world to enjoy in their guest rooms, and we win by knowing that you & your guests are receiving coffee that is unsurpassed anywhere in the world!

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